Anchors of Weekend Update's Past...

Take a few minutes of your life, to remember the anchors no longer present in Saturday Night Live cast.

*If anyone has the main Weekend Update clip from any of 1975-1985 seasons, feel free to email them to me.*


-Colin Quinn(1998-2000)


-Norm McDonald(1994-1997)


-Kevin Nealon(1991-1994)


-Dennis Miller(1985-1991)


-Christopher Guest (1984-85)

-Brad Hall (1982-84)

-Christine Ebersole (1982)

-Mary Gross (1981-82)

-Brian Doyle-Murray (1981-82)


-Charles Rocket (1980-81)

 and Gail Matthius (1981)


-Bill Murray (1978-80)

and Jane Curtin

-Dan Aykroyd (1977-78)

 and Jane Curtin (1976-80)

-Chevy Chase (1975-76)

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